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I notice that you use the Zxxx (full name deleted so as to not infringe on any trademarks!) label on your product site. Are you associated with that company?

Columbia, Md

No. We are no longer associated with that company, severed all relationships, and so we've removed the Zxxx label from our website. Multi-level marketing turned us off to the company. They sell a good product but ours is less expensive and lighter to travel with. It's also easier to self dose.

If there is any Zxxx labeling still on our website we'd appreciate it if you would e-mail us the URL where it's located so we can remove it. Thank You!

I was looking under the heading of Moringa and found you listed as Zxxx Moringa Zinga. Do you just sell the product or are you a multi-level company?

Newnan, GA

We are definitely not a multi-level company. That's why we quit Zxxx. The product was OK but MLM isn't for us. Too many commissions and upper level management driving up the cost of the product. Now we sell the most potent part of the plant in a pure encapsulated version at a low price. We sell retail over the internet to whoever wants to buy Moringa products. You should try our capsules. They are GREAT!

Do you feel your product is more effective, more pure, and or more potent that the Zxxx product. How did you and Zxxx develop? Were you part of the original start up of the Moringa product here in the US?

Newnan, GA

Who are you and why all the questions?

I am a potential customer and I am built that way. Enquiring mind wants to know.

Newnan, GA

Everybody's system reacts to nutritional supplements differently so it's very hard to answer your questions regarding comparisons between our pills and the Zxxx drink. Everyone involved with growing and selling Moringa agrees that the pure dried leaf is the most potent part of the plant. Zxxx makes the case that because they use all the plant there are additional benefits to be gained. Zxxx's product is "proprietary" which means they won't tell you the exact amounts of what's in it so, again, how can you compare it to anything?

My own experience was that it took several days for me to feel the Zxxx drink in my body. I felt the effects of pure Moringa leaf pills that very first day. How you will respond to either one is anyone's guess.

A friend gave me a can of Zxxx, I tried it, and I joined after a few days, even though I was skeptical of the MLM program. All MLM programs, no matter what the product, raise the cost of the product to very high levels in order to pay out commissions. For me, comparing the cost and the effect of the 2 products was a no-brainer. You'll have to make that judgment for yourself. I was never part of any start-up relating to Zxxx and was only an "independent rep" for 3 months. I never successfully recruited anyone to join the MLM program.

When are you going to order our pills?

I haven't forgotten you, the answer is soon.

Newnan, GA

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