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How many grams is in one capsule of your Moringa Zinga?

Santa Clara, CA

500 mgs

Your website says 100grams of moringa is equal to 17times the calcium in milk. You would have to take 200 500mg capsules to get this kind of nutrition. That seems really high.

Do you have a breakdown of how much nutrition is in each 500mg capsule (i.e. vitamins, protein, etc.)?

Santa Clara, CA

You're trying to compare moringa, which is a food, to a nutritional supplement, which is not food. This is a common mistake and so many people get confused by their own logic.

If you take vitamin C in a capsule and most of it passes through you or goes unused because you don't need it, would you be better off eating two oranges? Vitamin D, would you be better off drinking 4 glasses of milk? etc., etc. By taking moringa you get it all including trace elements that go to wherever you are nutritionally deficient. That's why most people give up a lot of their nutritional supplements once they start taking moringa.

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