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Hello Moringa Zinga People,

I am very interested in your product and plan on ordering, but I have a question regarding moringa nutrients: Does the leaf powder contained in your capsules also have ZEATIN, QUERCETIN, BETA-SITOSTEROL, CAFFEOYLQUINIC ACID, and KAEMPFEROL? I have been reading the book "The Miracle Tree" and am aware of all the amazing benefits. I'm grateful to companies like yours that are trying to get this product available to the world.  Is the Zxxx(full name deleted so as to not infringe on any trademarks!) drink better absorbed by the body because it is a liquid?  Would the leaf powder be absorbed better if i dissolved it in water first?  I'd appreciate any questions you can answer!!

Thank you for your time and this amazing plant,

West Hempstead, NY

No.  Just pure, powdered, moringa leaf.  The capsules are all-vegetarian.

The good thing about the capsules is that you can easily self-dose depending on your size and sensitivity.  We recommend 2 to 4 capsules per day for adults but they feed infants in Africa as much as 4 grams per day (8 capsules) and I know of some athletes that take 12-16 capsules before their games.  It's very non-toxic.

You can dissolve the capsules, make tea, or use it as spice in food.  It won't help absorption.  The important thing is that you take it half hour before eating. 

No one we know who previously took Zxxx continues with Zxxx after using the capsules...and that's a lot of people! 

You're gonna love this product.  Good Luck!

Lead remediation of contaminated water using Moringa Stenopetala and Moringa oleifera seed powder - Our ongoing study on low cost effective heavy metal remediation techniques in developing countries has already demonstrated that Moringa oleifera, the well known source of natural water clarifiers, is effective in heavy metal detoxification of water and other moringa nutrients.

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