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Hey there,

I have recently been purchasing the Zxxx(full name deleted so as to not infringe on any trademarks!) drink and came across your web site.

Do you have the amount of grams and info on your capsules?  Is it one capsule per day?  I have found the Zxxx drink expensive for what it is and you only are getting 30g of the moringa leaf per can.  Your product looks like a good alternative.

Any light you can shed on this would be much appreciated.

Sacramento, CA

There is 1/2 gram of pure powdered moringa leaf in each capsule.  Zxxx contains all of the less potent parts of the moringa plant including seeds, stalks, etc.  The pure leaf, properly dried, is the most potent part of the plant. 

Since Zxxx has a proprietary formula it's hard to compare products, especially gram for gram.  Most people feel that one capsule gives them the same results as one can of Zxxx.

The recommended dosage is 1-4 capsules per day on an empty stomach, preferably before breakfast and/or lunch.  But the good thing about the capsules is that you can easily self-dose, take what's right for you on any given day depending on how much energy and endurance you need. You will feel the capsules in your system within a day or two.  Take what feels right.  They feed as much as 4 grams of pure leaf, 8 capsules, to malnourished babies in Africa so it's extremely non-toxic. Most people do well on 1-3 per day.  Each bottle contains 120 all vegetarian caps.

We appreciate your business!

From Golden Rice to Anti-Viral Tomatoes: Good Health or Good Marketing? - Is genetic engineering really needed to fight world hunger? There are more than enough wild or underutilized highly nutritious plants that provide vitamin A and other nutrients. The combination of rice and moringa (drumstick) leaves, for example, has far more nutritional value than the golden rice.

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