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Moringa is not very well known around the globe and so people are very inquisitive when doing their research. We can all learn from this process. In the column to the right you will see some of the questions asked. Just click on the link to see the answers.

We begin with Sky's question below:

How is your powdered moringa dried? What tests do you do to the product when it comes in? Thanks for the info.

Phoenix, AZ

Our moringa comes from organic farms where no artificial anything is used to grow the plant. Moringa has to be shade dried or sun will decrease nutrient value.

We test each shipment when it comes in for salmonella, ecoli, coliform, mold and we perform standard plate count. Standard plate count is the measurement of overall bacterial activity in the test substance. A Rule of Thumb is that a plate count of 100,000 or less is OK for human consumption. If there is a count of a few hundred thousand or several million, you know something is growing in there that may impact the consumer and should not be sold. If there is a high plate count it's likely that you will probably find one of the things we mentioned above, like ecoli or salmonella. Our dried, powdered, Moringa leaf usually tests between 5,000 to 30,000 on a standard plate count with no evidence of pathogens.


Very interesting website. I found you while researching Z*** claims, as I'm not a big fan of multi-level marketing products due to the inflated pricing in order to fund everyone up and down the line. I am intrigued by the product, and appreciate your site.

In researching, I have read that "bleaching" or other ways of chemically purifying the leaves can damage the product's potency and nutritional value. I didn't find info on your website regarding that.

1) Is that true, and 2) is your product treated chemically or bleached in any way?


San Antonio, TX

Our product is not "bleached." It does go through irradiation after Customs. I'm not sure I'd trust a product that didn't. However, we have checked our potency against many other samples and we haven't yet found one more potent.

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1. Where do you get the leaves you use for your Moringa Zinga capsules?

2. What is the equivalent amount of each capsule in relation to one can of Zxxx (full name deleted so as to not infringe on any trademarks!)?

3. Are moringa capsules a good alternative to Zxxx?

4. What assurances do I have that what I receive is actually moringa powdered leaf?

5. What nutrients are in the pure powdered leaf capsules?

6. Why does Moringa Zinga cost so much?

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